From Goma To Arlington : Patrick Mwamba


A talented young basketball player who made his debut at Pjb Academy, where he learned to love basketball and that through hard personal work, the 18-year-old Congolese prospect Patrick MWAMBA, at the top of his 6.6 ft with a wingspan of 6.8 ft; he joins the NBA Academy in Senegal thanks to his hard work and dedication to the program.

Patrick began his career in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, at the age of 12. Though a rigorous program in basketball and education offered at PJB Academy, Patrick was finally able to share his talents on the international scene in Italy. , Belgium and Germany and other countries..


In 2016, he is selected to represent DR.Congo at the asketball without s Tournament at Kigali, Rwanda. His extraordinary courage and determination led to impressive stats, totaling 160 points in 8 games and recognition as the tournament's top scorer.

Two months after the AfroBasket tournament, Patrick was invited to participate in africa Basketball Without Borders in Angola; in another extraordinary performance, he was awarded the tournament's MVP trophy.

Graduate this year, Patrick Mwamba will be able to continue his academic studies at Arlington in Business Management and pursue new goals in his next NCAA career playing for the Arlington MARVERICKS.