Jumping into the New year!

It has been an active 2 months in January and February for Promo Jeune Basket. With two new partners, participating in two tournaments, the commencement of a new revamped life-skills program, and extensive in-house evaluations (Including website updates) we are excited to jump into the new year!


Pre-season Tournaments

Between January and February, the first division PJB teams participated in two weekend tournaments to judge how prepared we are for the season to begin (Beginning March 5th). The first tournament took place between January 27-29th. We had four PJB teams participate: PJB Elite Boys, PJB Leopard Boys, PJB Leopard Girls and PJB Black Panther Girls. Unfortunately, the two boys teams bowed out in the first round of the tournament with close losses to Virunga and Goma Bulls. The girls teams battled each other in the final, and for their introduction into the league, the PJB Black Panther Girls won the tournament, showing that they belong in the league for their inaugural season.

The second tournament took place between February 16th and February 19th. This tournament was hosted by local organizations NICE and Jeunes Voluntaire, and only one PJB team was represented, PJB Elite Boys. The boys played two games, with their first scheduled game getting rained out. In the first game, the Elite boys dominated Gisenyi Basketball club from neighboring Rwanda. In the second game, the short-handed boys team lost by three points to local rival Virunga. Because of this loss the boys were delegated to the 3rd/4th place game, where they won by forfeit of the other team.

In-house Evaluations

To begin the year the technical basketball team at PJB decided to evaluate the level of coaching and playing at PJB. In January, each coach and encadreur for PJB was evaluated at their different levels of coaching ability. These evaluations are helpful tools for each coach as they develop and prepare their teams for competition, but also provide an opportunity for the whole coaching staff to start a dialogue on their own coaches practices and techniques.

In February all the coaches began their evaluations of all registered players at PJB. These evaluations are used as a "PJB report card" for each player so they have a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses. These report cards will be given twice a year to help players track their own development. Click here to download the PJB report card.

Night Training

Solar powered flood lights were installed at our court at Maison Des Jeunes at the end of November and we began practicing with our Elite Boys team four times a week into the night in January. The lights have increased the time on the court for our elite players, and have helped increase the efficiency of our practice scheduling.


Life Skills

The life-skills program at PJB has been one aspect that sets our organization apart from other sports organizations. With a great focus on value development and important life-lessons, our coaches have helped develop players into not just great athletes, but also amazing people. In the new year, our life-skills program has taken on a new look with four new formalized off-court courses taking place each week.

The current courses are focused on leadership and physical health, and are being delivered to three teams at our Maison Des Jeunes location, and one team at our Kituku location. Each course is 8-weeks long, and participants will gain a life-skills credit for their participation. Once a PJB member completes 8 credits of life-skills courses, they will receive a coveted PJB Life-Skills Diploma. We hope that this diploma will become a staple in the community for employers and universities for employable and scholarship worthy workers and students.

Special Events

Festival Amani

*click on photo to view more information about Amani Festival and PJB's participation in it.

New Partners

PJB is happy to announce it's collaboration with two new great partners, UEFA Foundation for Children and Peace and Sport. UEFA Foundation for Children is supporting our efforts through our life-skills program, and Peace and Sport is partnering with us to help us increase our impact in the region. We are very excited for all the great things we will be able to accomplish in the coming year with our new partners.

Player of the Month

Josue Mutchekele

Rest In Peace

On the night of February 9th, 2017, PJB lost a great friend in Djoo Paluku. He work alongside us at Maison Des Jeunes and helped create our family what it is today. As a dancer and teacher his impact will never be forgotten on the community of Goma. Rest in Peace our good friend.